Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kivumbi Writes Book on East Africa’s Most Celebrated Educationist; “Fagil Mandy, An Incredible Icon By E. K Benjamin”

Kivumbi Writes Book on East Africa’s Most Celebrated Educationist; “Fagil Mandy, An Incredible Icon By E. K Benjamin” “This is my first book and project about Uganda’s cherished celebrity of Pakistan Origin and is a big achievement to me. I have no doubt that its ganna be ranked on best selling list that’s going to increase lift my position and career as a young politician. I recommend everyone of any caliber and background to read this book when its out on the market because this is the first of the kind with outstanding credibility.” Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Speaking to ABC news Agency. If you’re a reporter, Radio/TV Presenter, News Editor,Journalist.. Call +256702137566 or Email kivumbi@gmail.comto get details of the book.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

HTP NEWS; Kivumbi Historical Address at Childhood School Lasts

HTP News; Kivumbi Historical Speech as Guest of Honor at Childhood School Lasts October 6, 2013 Heal The Planet Global Organization-HTP President and EX People’s Development Party –PDP National Coordinator/ Deputy Spokesman & Kampala Central MP Aspirant Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Has today 06th October 2013 made a historical address at his childhood school St. Anne Primary School currently St Mary Kevin in Masajja on Busubara Road. Invited as a Guest of Honor on the School Academic day were pupils have been portraying there academic muscles and entertaining parents, Kivumbi has begun by unearthing the genesis of his political & leadership career way back in the kindergarten. “Am grateful that unlike many who have just jumped into politics as an option or for selfish ambitions; I have struggled and worked towards leadership dreams since I was 3 years right in this school where my Mom Esther was teaching.” Kivumbi has noted that in all classes or schools he attended up to S.6 (A. Level) he was either a time keeper, Head boy, or any other prefect. Kivumbi in 2009 made history when he challenged Bar course students in the Guild Elections at Law Development Center. “I made significant changes also as a Guild President at EDN College of Business & Information Technology associated to ABMA in U.K where I attained an Advanced Diploma in Profession Computing & Information Technology.” Kivumbi adds. Soft-spoken young fellow has said -upon the school invitation to come and be the Guest of Honor, he had so many programs but decided to come and inspire the young generation who have been performing at their school Academic day. Kivumbi who has been dressed in a black suit, blue neck tie, white shirt and black shoes has said its at a tender age we must shape the nation and citizens we want. He says that Homosexuals target students to spread the vice and that corruption must be discouraged way from school to save the nation. He adds that even terrorists who have put East Africa on tension are also recruiting young people. He has attacked individuals who are diverting the Parliament from debating the Pornography Bill and says that African culture requires women to wear decently therefore mini-skirts must not be massaged. “We cannot contain development, civilization at the expense of moral fiber decadency-we must fight this right from stage!” HTP President & HICGI CEO has asked parents to give time to their children, looking for money and providing basic needs is not just enough. He has quoted Nelson Mandela who said that “it’s through education that a son of a miner can become the head of mine.” And American Philosopher who said that “When a man empties his warret into his head then nobody can take away what he has got.” The event and Kivumbi’s speech will be run on the National Television (Star T.V) this week. — with Heather Mam and 48 others.

Monday, September 9, 2013


BREAKING NEWS; KIVUMBI TO HOLD NRM FLAG IN KAMPALA CENTRAL PARLIAMENTARY BYE ELECTION 2013; Young Politician Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Has Expressed Interest again for Kampala Central Parliamentary Position and Has Written to State House & National Resistance Movement Secretariat Asking for NRM Flag. Kivumbi 24 Years of age first contested for MP of Kampala Central at the age of 21 in 2011. Following Judges' Verdict in which Mr. Nsereko Mohammad Zakke a "Rebel MP" has been ousted out of Parliament Finally, Kivumbi now believes that the Time is Now. Using his very 2011 Slogan "BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR CITY" this time he adds BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR CITY, TIME IS NOW. He is yet to call a Press Conference of declare his candidature but appeals to all who supported him in the last elections ad those who didn't to join up this time and send him to Parliament. Kivumbi further requests all those who can to donate U $1 or more towards his Campaign as last time he had a low budget. The Soft-spoken fellow on Friday night Appeared on 90 FM Radio One and unleashed his manifesto. Please post this on your walls and share with Friends.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Congratulations King Oyo-Have It cheap Group & Heal the Planet-HTP Global Organisation

Heal The Planet-Global Organization-HTP & Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI Congratulate King Oyo The Youngest King in The World upon the 18th Coronation Anniversary. May You Continue Developing and Reigning over Toro Kingdom. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin HTP Founder & President/ HICGI President & CEO.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


HTP INTERNATIONAL NEWS-KIVUMBI CALLS FOR WORLDWIDE PROTESTS ON FRENCH & US EMBASSIES; HIS PLAN B ON US SYLIA ATTACKS IS UNVEILED AT HOTEL AFRICANA. 20:20 Hrs GMT Sat 31st Aug 2013 http://www, Security has been tightened at US & French Embassies around the world; the White House & European Union is yet to issue high security alert warning on America & French tourists, workers & students around the world follows a young politician in East Africa known as Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin addressing a Press Conference at Hotel Africana in Kampala calling for International protests on US & French Embassies. Kivumbi also the President & Founder of Heal The Planet-Global Organisation has in the last couple of days been warning America and her allies against attacking Syria referring to it as aggravated rape & defilement of the sovereignty of the Middle East virgin girl Syria after what he alleges as a Hollywood clip given to Syrian rebels that is a trigger to WW III outbreak that he is trying to avert. Addressing journalists on Friday 30th Aug 2013, Kivumbi says he is leading 100,000 people including university students and traders to match to the US & French Embassies in Kampala to give a clear signal to the Obama administration that its continuous aggression and meddling into the affairs of other countries on baseless grounds is uncontainable and they must stop immediately. EX Kampala Central MP Aspirant & Former Deputy Spokesman/National Coordinator of People’s Development Party-Kivumbi says America has not learnt a lesson and forgotten nothing of its history on invading nations. In every country that it has invaded and removed there democratically elected leaders have never stabilized quoting the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya where they lost an Ambassador. Kivumbi 24 years of age on Thursday addressed Imams and Sheiks at Nakasero Mosque about the Egyptian & Syria Crisis and he would outline Plan B. His Plan B that has been unveiled at Hotel Africana in Kampala is to launch protests on all Embassies of the countries yet to attack Syria including US & France around the world. Kivumbi adds that we can choose to isolate the two countries and stop consuming their goods or dealing with them in commercial, social, political or in military relations. The hardcore spoken preacher like fellow says Bashal Assad is the legitimate & democratically elected Syrian leader and can’t just be brought down by any one and in case he has done a mistake he should be advised or negotiations prevail. Kivumbi is yet to meet Turkish & Saudi Arabian Ambassadors in Uganda to ask them to shun US dragging in a protracted war that would develop into a global catastrophe. Earlier alone he has been posting on social media, blogs and news websites saying if America goes ahead to attack Syria, he is willing to ask Africa to send troops to join Russia, China & Iran to defend Assad. President Obama is yet to decide attacking Syria, so far US 5 war ships have been sent to the Mediterranean alongside 2 Russian War ships. Britain & Germany have refused to join Obama in these attacks.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


BREAKING NEWS; BUGANDA RE-AFFIRMS HER SPECIAL STATUS ON THE CONTINENT AS MILLIONS GATHER FOR 2OTH KABAKA CORONATION ANNIVERSARY. 03rd /August/2013 My name is Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, the views here are personal and do not necessarily reflect that of Heal The Planet-Global Organization which am the President/Founder or Have It Cheap Group International –HICGI which and the President & CEO; But this is how am following and perceiving the 20TH Kabaka Coronation Anniversary here at Lubiri Mengo, Kabaka’s palace where more than 3 million people are gathering alongside hundreds of journalists, dignitaries including the lion of Africa President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, EX Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, Foreign Diplomats & Ambassadors, Royals, Religious leaders, Musicians, School children, business people and other traditional leaders. The event is having live broadcast from Ugandan TV stations and radios including WBS TV, NTV, NBS, Bukedde TV’s, Star Tv, CBS radio, Subbi and many more which am still finding our right now. It’s evident that those in Diaspora are also viewing the event live on satellite, Internet, DSTV, other technologies giving the event views of close to a billion people around the world. All this fame and powerful speeches going on right now are a reflection of how powerful Buganda is and its special status on the continent given to it by God not colonialists or politicians just like Israel special status in the Middle East. God bless Uganda, God bless Uganda Long Live Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Former Kampala Central MP Aspirant/ EX National Coordinator/Deputy Spokesman People’s Development Party.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


RE: GRUNTING ASYLUM TO UNITED STATES WHISTLE BLOWER MR. EDWARD SNOWDEN IN UGANDA. Your Excellency in 1948 at the time of the creation of the nation of Israel we missed a great opportunity of International Consideration to have the Israel people be relocated in Uganda. Today a defender of privacy, basic liberties & civil rights Mr. Snowden Edward formerly US spy in National Security Agency (NSA) who is in transit at Russian Airport is seeking asylum in over 20 countries (Africa not inclusive). Majority of the countries are refraining from assisting him with excuses that they require him to apply while in their own countries! Mr. President below is why we must send the presidential jet to pick him from Moscow Airport and grunt him asylum here; 1- Uganda is an independent country and commits no offence under International Statutes to handle its own issues including grunting asylum to people like Mr. Snowden (29) twenty nine years. 2- There’s no warrant of arrest issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) “USA not a signatory” or International Police (Interpol) against Mr. Snowden. 3- The act of United States to prosecute Mr. Snowden is not in public interest for he is a hero defending civil liberties and United States law doesn’t work here. 4- This is chance to have our image internationally become more polished in respect of civil liberties and human rights protection. 5- Uganda will maintain its position of being the world’s leading tourist destination and the number of visitors and revenue will multiply which is a gain to our economy. 6- The risks and pressure by United States in case we’ve grunted asylum to Mr. Snowden is bearable. United States investments, trade relations & grunts here can be dealt without. In fact it’s not we who need United States, its US that needs us in the following aspects; (a) We’re are the custodian and champions of peace & security in the horn of Africa following US defeat in 1993 by Somali insurgents. (b) United States needs you and Uganda for its agendas and interest in the region and Africa following your replacement in position after the “assassination” of the Lion of Africa by NATO Col Mwamah Minyel El Bin Gadaffi. (c) Uganda defeat of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels and its leader Joseph Kony who were destabilizing the region ranked us heavily in the eyes of international community, this fugitive search by United States and ICC requires the help of Uganda which is a comparative advantage to us before United States. (d) President Hussein Barrack Obama a descent of Africa managing America has lost support and popularity both at home and internationally. This is evident by polls and recent demonstration opposing his visit in Africa, never in the history of his visit to Africa has he ever been opposed meaning that we advantage against his regime when we grunt asylum to Mr. Snowden. 7- Uganda will have free adverts on the International scene and media which is an opportunity to us rather than spending billions of money to market ourselves. 8- Uganda has always done without international donations in terms of budget and at times when they withdraw aid because of our position on gay & lesbianism though we still need to double fight of corruption elements in our institutions. 9- We have all the resources in mineral wealth, intellectual properties, talents, climate, clean water, energy, labor and much more that we don’t need US help when we grunt asylum to Mr. Snowden. 10- Finally Uganda will be joined and eventually get much support from other countries and global citizens including United States. Thanks Mr. President. Sincerely. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Former Kampala Central MP Aspirant

Thursday, May 23, 2013


H.T.P HUMAN RIGHTS DEPARTMENT STATEMENT ON UGANDA MEDIA SHUT DOWN. On 20th May 2013 the Government of Uganda through its security operatives heavily deployed besieged and intruded premises of two Uganda leading News Papers i.e. Daily Monitor on plot 29-35, 8th Street Industrial Area and Red pepper in Namanve, Jinja Rd. The heavily armed men disabled the printing press, computer servers and radio transmission equipment for KFM & Dembe Fm radio stations owned by Daily Monitor a member of Nation’s Group. At The Red pepper they consequently disabled the printing press, whereas they claimed that they were searching for a dossier that has been in circulation in almost all media publications, they remain shutting down the Red pepper even after they had been given the document. The said document purports a plot that UPDF General David Tinyefunza (aka Sejusa) seeks inquiry into through a letter to Internal Security Service of the alleged assassination plot. H.T.P through its Human Rights Department heavily condemns the act by Uganda Government to suppress the free media. This is an attack and rape of freedom of Speech and expression through the media which Uganda is mandatory and signatory to the UN Charter of Human Rights. As a result of this business is on stand still hence creating heavy losses and damage to both media owners, staff, vendors, students and the public (consumers). The government of Uganda must know that such continuous moves could incite the masses into violence which will destabilize and jeopardize the peace and security of the region. We call upon the international community and Human Rights organizations as well as defenders to criticize such acts and ask the government of Uganda to rethink its moves towards observing & protection of Human rights and democracy. We ask Uganda Government to consider reopening of the closed radio stations, enabling of immediate printing and publication of these news papers and compensate the damages caused as a result of its move. H.T.P advises government in future to take legal action or dialogue with parties rather than use of force. Sincerely Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Founder/ President. P .O Box 3977 Kampala, Uganda (East Africa) Email:, Mobile: +256702137566 (UG), +256773137566 (UG), +255765911626 (TZ), +254729829065 (KE) Website:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Syria Crisis Must End, President Kivumbi Calls for Peace.

President Kivumbi Calls an End to Syria Crisis. With the power bestowed unto me by the most high and the citizens of the African Continent to be a President in 2021, I call upon the Syrian regime to end killings of children, Innocents and all her citizens. President Bashar al-Assad Must order his troops to stop all atrocities committed on his citizens, the foreign powers Must withdraw all military and any other support to the rebels.
The UN observers should not bark off. Dialogue to end Crisis between the Government and Protesters must Start and peace lovers should pray for the Middle East. I Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin Has Ordered.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nigeria Worst Air Disaster: President Kivumbi Sends Condololence to President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria Worst Air Disaster: President Kivumbi Sends Condololence to President Goodluck Jonathan and the People of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Every one who lost relative ofr friend. "Its My Humble Prayer that the Lord Comforts you in this Trying Moment."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Press Invitation-Kivumbi To Speak Truth on Museveni Meeting with Him!


I hereby Invite you on Thur 15th/Dec/11 at Najja High School Kabowa in the Youth Camp were I have been Invited as the Guest Speaker of the day. I have been asked to teach by organisers what it takes to become a politician.

I will be using this platform at the same time to tell the plain truth of my 13th/ Jan/11 1:00am Meeting with the Head of State H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in State House Entebbe at the time when I ran for MP Kampala Central on PDP Ticket.

In a separate Press Conference I will analyse why Corruption and so many other things are bringing down NRM and why Dr. Abed Bwanika is better off a Pastor/Vet than a Politician as a result of my personal closeness and experience with him at the time I was in PDP as a Deputy Spokesman/ National Coordinator.

Not forgetting why am the best person for Lord Mayor Kampala City on Lukwago Erias in the upcoming 2016 General Elections.

12:00pm is the time and board from Old Taxi Park Nyanana Taxis, get off from St. Kizito Primary School then ask for Najja High, Transport Fair currently is 1000 UG X. Lunch will be offered.

We expect more than 300 young people aged 10-25 from various parts of the country as well as outside who are going to camp from 12th-18th/ Dec/11. This is ganna be an Annual KISAKATE organised by Mrs. Najja Regina of Najja UG LTD/ Najja High School.

Non Journalists will be 50,000/= (Boarders) & 25,000/= (outsiders)

Contacts 0772447122


Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Thanks to Esther Namubiru for Huge Sucess of Facebook Event; Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Thanks so much Esther Namubiru and the entire Team who have made this possible. As for Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Future President of Uganda) am so grateful. The time we had yesterday was so fascinating, educative paramount and I should we had fun. Get together party BPL 2011 has been a Huge success! Inspired by our own Imagination, Connected by own Inspiration and brought by own science has been this event. At least those who once opposed the power on Mark Zurkberg after meeting yesterday can now live to celebrate FB. U remember what I told you on phone yesterday morning; that the most expensive, beautiful and Precious things can not be touched or seen but can be felt-Money can't buy Happiness.Thanks once again In the Pic is my Wife to be, Our Nations's Future 1st lady Flavia Apio and Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin the Future President of Uganda.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Is Democracy Raped? Kivumbi Adresing Journalists

Is Democracy Raped?

We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt and that freedom of expression still a myth in our nation.

We doubt whether it's justifiable to ban songs that praise the sovereignty of some tradition institutions and individuals from being played on air.

We consider this as broad day rape of freedom, the Natural God given rights

endowered to mankind.

We challenge the Uganda government not be intimidated to that extend of banning some songs; the ban should be lifted. If you're to analyze the message in these songs, there's nothing like promoting violence or creating tension or even promoting sectarianism and tribalism.

What wrong does one to if he/she praises his traditional leader or even his kingdom?

We refuse also to believe that journalists will continue be subjected to arrests, intimidation, malicious prosecution, harassed and battered by individuals and security personells; when will this stop?

PDP declares that enough is enough;

We shall not keep quite until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

We demand that CBS be reopened tonight.

We demand that all cases opened against journalists be dropped.

We also demand that our children who still battle with the Attorney General, many of whom are behind bars to be released today and that charges against them as a result of the September riots be dropped.

Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy

For God and My Country

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

PDP Deputy Spokes Person/ Former National Coordinator.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

11 July Terorist Attacks on Kampala

Sunday, July 11, 2010 will be remembered as a dark day in Uganda’s history. It is the day terrorists carried out their threat to bomb targets in Uganda, ostensibly because the country has its soldiers stationed in Somalia on an African Union peacekeeping mission.
It is the day close to 80 innocent people were killed and hundreds injured as the bombs ripped through Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on Jinja Road and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala.
As we mourn with the families and friends of the victims, we can’t stop asking what these men and women did to deserve such a cruel death. Why target innocent, defenceless people?
Yet the mourning has to end and life continues. Ugandans are a resilient people and we shall overcome this tragedy. We just need to be vigilant at individual, family, community and country levels, as a way to protect ourselves from this new enemy.
We also need to ask ourselves what wasn’t done to avert such attacks. While it is impossible to completely stop a determined terrorist, as demonstrated in heavily fortified countries such as the United States and Israel; it is possible to make it more difficult for them, or to at least make it easier to hunt the culprits down.
One of the tools that can help in that regard is CCTV cameras. These are widely employed to good effect in preventing crime or apprehending criminals especially in Western countries. In the run-up to the 2007 CHOGM in Kampala, several of them were planted in strategic areas in the city but it’s not clear to what use they have been put ever since. CCTV cameras covering the two bombed sites would now be pointing us to how it happened and who did it. Considering the cost implications, the government could work closely with private investors in the entertainment industry to have CCTV cameras at all major entertainment places.
A national ID data base and fingerprinting would be another useful tool. Uganda has been dillydallying over the national ID project, rushing to bring in an overpriced system recently, purposely for the 2011 elections. We need a modern system that would help expose such criminals.
Lastly, Uganda badly needs more serious border control and stricter immigration procedures. The current system that makes it so easy for every Tom, Dick and Harry to enter Uganda and/or acquire a Ugandan passport is causing our country great harm.

The above script; Courtesy of the Observer Paper,Kampala-East Africa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

PDP President Dr Bwanika Speaks out on Kham Kakama

We need special Courts

We demand for an express judgment system for offences committed against the vulnerable society (children, women, PWDs and the elderly).
Special courts should be put in place with express mandate to administer justice within days. PDP would like to propose 21 days maximum period to dispose off such cases.

We further propose a special investigation department under police charged with investigations in connection with the vulnerable groups.
The officers must be given the required training to match the criminals.

We demand for updates from police and judiciary on the 1000 cases involving children that were kidnapped or went missing in the last 18 months. The Parliament should demand progress on behalf of the people of Uganda.

The way to go on fighting evil in Uganda including crime against children is action not posturing. An open execution is befitting for the criminals that killed Khan Kakama and the likes.

For God and my Country.

Dr Abed Bwanika.
President PDP.

Electricity; Uranium for Energy

A nation that does not supply or manufacture enough energy for it's citizens will never sustain fully it's economy.
And if there's any chance to increase energy development, we've got to do it faster .

Uganda's energy distribution does not fully require private sector involvement if we are do away with exploitation.
Always the most important and crucial sectors of the economy need to be in hands of the government to necessitate requisition and utilization of resources, services and commodities on affordable fees by every national.
This explains why it was a mistake for the only Hydro Electricity Power distribution government enterprise to be privatized.
PDP is not saying that UMEME has not lived to it's expectations and that it's services are undesirable.
This should be got clearly that much as this company strives for excellency in the provision of it's services, many Ugandans remain dissatisfied especially at this time;
Whereas being a business like any other profit oriented company- it's not fair thinking about fixing a standard fee on electricity consumption as it wants to do (consumption of 0-50 units for 12000 UG X and 50-70 units for 26000 UG X).
An honest company would continue charging only for what a consumer has used.

Ugandans should also help UMEME while it losses millions every year to those who consume unpaid power and to those who steal it's gadgets.

PDP advocates for gentle and polite approach to this issue, we want electricity prices as mentioned in this year's budget to be implemented.

We ask that the power project in Jinja be not delayed.

There's no problem building a Uranium Power plant since we have this mineral in abundance as long as we comply with the International Laws.
President Museveni should not give politicians as an excuse for failed government programs like Kaluma Dam power project.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
People's Development Party Deputy Spokes Person

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Uganda Voter Registration Ending on 14th June

Are you a Ugandan? Are you in the country ?

Are you 18 years and above?

Are you registered as a voter? If not, run quickly to a nearest Voter Registration center and do so or confirm your eligibility to vote for the 2011 National Elections before 14 June 2010.


P O BOX 3977 Kampala Uganda.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Extravagancy of the State, Museveni Living on 300 Million Daily

At this time Ugandans have realized how extravagant the state is after reports that the state in spending 300 million daily on Presidency.
You can not preside over a country in such luxury and extravagancy at the expense of tax payers. How dare? When your people live on empty stomachs! When children are on streets begging! When the roads are in a poor state! When there no enough drugs in hospital! When teachers at the end of the have nothing they have saved because of little pay! When doctors have ran abroad for better pay!! No! No! No!

The time is now; President Museveni should have pity over Ugandans. They must reduce his luxurious expenditure quickly. He claimed to have fought his predecessors that he claimed to live the kind of life he is living now. "Just imagine African presidents flying in luxurious planes abroad while there nationals are dying of jiggers" He once lamented.
What went wrong?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congratulations Kabaka Mutebi; Omukama Oyo!!

We join our counterparts in congratulating His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II for making it to his 55th Birth Day. Long live the Kabaka of Buganda.
Kabaka Mutebi’s decision to have this year’s celebrations with the Moslems at Kibuli mosque has reaffirmed the solidarity which the Kingdom has always had with the Moslem community but more so to all people in Buganda and Uganda regardless of their beliefs or background are equally favored by His Majesty.

At the same time People’s Development Party with pleasure joins in celebration of the 18th birthday and coronation celebrations of the king of Toro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. Our heart felt greetings go the royal family and the people of Toro.
We however query under which pact did one of the invitees assume the power of being the “King of Kings”? This brings enormous controversy since it’s known that at least a King is born King. We need clarification.